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High Blood Pressure Overview Facts

All facts updates overviews and general topics about hypertension and high blood pressure are discussed here.


High Blood Pressure Overview Facts

  • what is high blood pressure hypertension.html
    What is high blood pressure. Definition of hypertension. What is systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • types of blood pressure
    There are two types of Hypertension. Essential hypertension and Secondary Hypertension
  • blood pressure chart
    Here is a chart for high blood pressure, chart for low blood pressure, blood pressure measuring chart
  • Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Symptoms Treatment Causes
    Detail information on primary pulmonary hypertension signs sypmtoms, complications treatment medication causes. Viagra and pulmonary hypertension
  • Smoking and High Blood Pressure
    Are you a smoker? How many cigaretts you smoke every day? This article will show you how smoking affects your blood pressure and some tips for you to quit smoking.
  • Finding The Right Hypertension Definition
    Finding the Right Hypertension Definition. Hypertension definition, is a term everyone should know the actual meaning of. High Blood Pressure is the third most commonly diagnosed chronic medical condition in the Western world
  • High Blood Pressure In Infants
    High Blood Pressure In Infants. It is estimated that nearly 5% of kids may have high blood pressure and the chances of a newborn having high blood pressure is unfortunately on the increasing trend
  • High blood pressure and Sex
    High blood pressure can affect your sex life. According to the American Heart Association, most people with heart disease can have sex safely -- and that includes those with high blood pressure.
  • White Coat Hypertension
    What is white coat hypertension causes treatment. What to do if your blood pressure raises in doctors clinic or hospital environment.
  • 11 FAQ about High Blood Pressure
    Answers to your frequently asked questions about high blood pressure, in medical terminology called as hypertension.
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor when you have high blood pressure
    If you have hypertension and you go to a doctor, what are Questions to Ask Your Doctor when you have high blood pressure.
  • Blood Pressure rises in Winter
    Blood Pressure rises in Winter in elder people. According to a new study linking cooler temperatures with higher blood pressure.
  • What is Resistant high blood pressure
    What is Resistant high blood pressure. High blood pressure Hypertension is blood pressure that does not show any response to is called as resistance BP
  • High Blood Pressure in Children
    High blood pressure is also observed in children, kids and even infants. Information about hypertension in children here.
  • 10 misconceptions about High Blood Pressure
    10 misconceptions about High Blood Pressure, Even though there are factors that can affect your blood pressure, you should never ignore several readings that indicate you may have high blood pressure
  • Blood pressure has a daily Pattern
    Blood pressure has a daily Pattern, During the night, blood pressure decreases as we sleep, and continues to remain at lower values when the individual in question wakes up.
  • Do you Have Isolated Systolic High Blood Pressure
    Do you Have Isolated Systolic High Blood Pressure, If in case you have a diastolic digit less than 90 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) and a systolic number bigger than 140 mm Hg, you have a usual type of high blood pressure labeled as isolated systolic hypertension
  • 17th May-World Hypertension Day
    17th May-World Hypertension Day, World Hypertension Day has been established to highlight the preventable stroke heart and kidney diseases caused by High blood pressure and communicate to the public information on prevention detection and treatment.
  • BP Chart
    Make use of the blood pressure chart below to see what your blood pressure means. The blood pressure chart is suitable for adults of any age.
  • Winter Tips For Diabetics
    Winter Tips For Diabetics, During winter, your eating and exercising habits are influenced and this can have an affect on your blood sugar levels.
  • Misinformation About Diabetes
    Misinformation About Diabetes, Either your parents have it, or your siblings or any one of your aunts or uncles is bound to be a diabetic. Yet, there is still much confusion regarding this disease.
  • Type 2 Diabetes Is Becoming More Common in Asia and Latin America
    Type 2 Diabetes Is Becoming More Common in Asia and Latin America, The problem is that many Asians and Latin Americans have genes that make them prone to weight gain especially in the belly area
  • Pre Diabetes | What Is Pre-Diabetes
    What Is Pre-Diabetes, This is the grey area where people have high levels of glucose but not that high to fall in the diabetes group.
  • Type 2 Diabetes – Tips On How To Manage Diabetes Easily
    Tips On How To Manage Diabetes Easily, The most important change that diabetics need to bring in their lives is regarding their diet. What they eat after becoming a patient of diabetes can make the difference between a healthy life and a problematic one.
  • High Diastolic Blood Pressure
    High Diastolic Blood Pressure, There are many causes of a high diastolic level. One of the most common is obesity. If your BMI (body mass index) is more than 30, then you are definitely obese and at a serious risk of contracting blood pressure problems and cardiac diseases
  • Blood Sugar Levels | The Importance of Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics
    The Importance of Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics, Regulating blood sugar level is essential because it can save you from various complications, including diabetes, which is incurable
  • Being Fit but Staying Fat Will Not Help Lower Blood Pressure
    Being Fit but Staying Fat Will Not Help Lower Blood Pressure, Your overall fitness is also important to some extent. Once the desired weight is achieved, it is only your fitness that will help in bringing the blood pressure down and keeping it there.
  • High Blood Pressure Precautions
    High Blood Pressure Precautions, Fortunately, preventing high blood pressure is possible by taking care of some things. The foremost thing to do is to have a balanced diet.
  • Learn How to Make a Blood Pressure Chart
    Learn How to Make a Blood Pressure Chart, The best time of the day to take a blood pressure reading is midmorning because early in the morning usually blood pressure is highest. Take readings three to four times a day.
  • Does lack of sleep affect diabetes | Diabetes and Sleep
    Does lack of sleep affect diabetes , lack of sleep can increase the chances of diabetes. It can also cause hardening of blood vessels surrounding and supporting the muscle of the heart.
  • How to Decrease Insulin Resistance
    How to Decrease Insulin Resistance, by improving physical activity, choosing the diet carefully and sensibly and controlling the weight within a healthy range, efficiency of insulin take up can be drastically increased
  • When To Visit Doctor For High Blood Pressure
    When To Visit Doctor For High Blood Pressure, According to a healthcare authority, every 20 year aged and older than that, individual must have a blood pressure checking at least once in two years.
  • What Is Pseudohypertension
    What Is Pseudohypertension, A situation in which the blood pressure measurements get abnormally elevated, whereas the blood pressure is still normal is called as Pseudohypertension
  • Does Your Child Have Diabetes
    Does Your Child Have Diabetes, One in every 400-500 children in the world has diabetes so some facts are necessary to be prominent about diabetes and children in order to control that disease in an effective way
  • Getting life insurance quotes for diabetes
    Getting life insurance quotes for diabetes, Insurer’s health condition will dictate the rates and expense of the insurance quote for diabetes, which is only available in certain conditions.
  • American Diabetes Association volunteers
    American Diabetes Association volunteers, Cure, care and commitment; these are the American Diabetes Association’s mission-vision. ADA is committed to help those who are suffering from diabetes and make their life colorful by providing proper treatment to them
  • Senior Living and High Blood Pressure
    Senior Living and High Blood Pressure, it is highly recommended to adopt these measures because in senior ages you are likely to get hypertensive and doctors won’t prescribe you a medicine as it might make the other health issues more complex
  • An extensive overview of High Blood Pressure
    An extensive overview of High Blood Pressure, High blood pressure increases with age and as the people reach the middle-ages, the incidence of high blood pressure increases.

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