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Finding The Right Hypertension Definition

Finding the Right Hypertension Definition. Hypertension definition, is a term everyone should know the actual meaning of. High Blood Pressure is the third most commonly diagnosed chronic medical condition in the Western world

Finding The Right Hypertension Definition

"Hypertension definition" is a term everyone should know the actual meaning of. High Blood Pressure (hypertension) is the third most commonly diagnosed chronic medical condition in the Western world, and it has a range of remedies from dietary and life style changes to prescription drugs and even common every day activities like taking part in having games.

If we want to understand the root cause of hypertension (High blood Pressure), we need to understand the medical definition of the term. Hypertension is persistently elevated blood pressure. In a nutshell, imagine the circulatory system as a series of hoses - they start out at the widest in the aortic arch coming out of the heart; the heart contracts, arteries contract with it and blood is moved through the circulatory system. For a number of reasons, the pressure that blood gets forced through the system can increase. Think of what happens when you run water through a garden hose pipe at higher than normal levels. Eventually the garden hose wears out.

Now Multiply that by all the arteries and capillaries in your body and you'll see why high blood pressure is a leading indicator of heart attacks (where a blood vessel that feeds the heart bursts from over-use), blood clots, aneurysms and strokes (where a blood vessel bursts in your brain, starving brain cells of oxygen).

Stress is One of the leading endemic causes of elevated blood pressure . Our bodies were designed for running after antelopes on the savannah. Living in the modern world causes us to internalize the daily pressure of making a living, tending the home and kids and other nuances in our lives that may not be healthy for us and our body. Hypertension created by stress is designed to be used when you need continous oxygen flow for emergency situations, such as running away from lions.

To reduce blood pressure, you should reduce the stress. It requires a conscious volantary effort, and may require breaking an addictive pattern. When you are placed under a great deal of stress, your body stimulates the adrenal glands, a tool used by your body for "flight or flight" scenarios. For the majority of people, these adrenal reactions can create an adrenaline high after the moment of stress subsides. This 'high', euphoric feeling can create extreme sports addicts.To reduce stress, and ultimately high blood pressure, you need to be self awareness. You need to know what is the basic thing or cause that stresses you, and isolate it. Minimize your exposure and experience to it - develop an awareness to what stresses you, and learn to recognize the symptoms as they present themselves.

Develop good stress-management techniques. For leisure, do something that helps you to relieve stress. Try doing something fun that relaxes you and allows pent-up stress to gently flow out of your body and mind. We are advocating that you take the time every single day to do something you enjoy doing, something that makes you feel good about yourself. This can be something calming like knitting, or a physical exercise like kick boxing. Cut out the stress and give your circulatory system a break from the misguided flight or fight systems that power you through all the day.


Hypertension, High blood pressure is a growing epidemic

that is affecting more people everyday. As long as we understand the "hypertension definition" and take the necessary steps to avoid high blood pressure, we will be safe from some of the terrible physical repercussions this medical condition can bring to our brain, heart, eyes and kidneys.


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