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Pre Diabetes | What Is Pre-Diabetes

What Is Pre-Diabetes,  This is the grey area where people have high levels of glucose but not that high to fall in the diabetes group.

Pre Diabetes | What Is Pre-Diabetes

Pre diabetes is a condition which can be called borderline diabetes. This is the grey area where people have high levels of glucose but not that high to fall in the diabetes group. It has become a common complaint now. In America, there are 57 million people who are suffering from this condition. People with pre diabetes, have the risk of getting full blown diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Moreover, people with this condition will most likely also have one of the following problems:

1.    Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT): When your blood glucose level, taken two hours after an oral glucose tolerance test, is higher than normal but below the diabetic level, then you have impaired glucose tolerance.
2.    Impaired Fasting Glucose (IFG): When your fasting blood sugar level is higher than normal but lower than diabetic level, then you are suffering from impaired fasting glucose.



Pre diabetes has no detectable signs or symptoms

Unfortunately, pre diabetes has no detectable signs or symptoms. But since it can lead to diabetes, it is necessary to be aware of the indicators of diabetes so that steps can be taken to prevent it. Research has shown that one in three people with pre diabetes will develop diabetes in a period of ten years. If you experience the following signs, then it is imperative for you to consult a doctor immediately:

•    Feeling constantly the need to eat
•    Gaining or losing weight for no apparent reason
•    Wounds or infections that are not healing quickly
•    Experiencing flu like fatigue or weakness
•    Recurring bladder or vaginal infections
•    Having blurred vision

By recognising these symptoms and taking timely steps, you can avoid type 2 diabetes and its complications such as heart disease, blindness, strokes, kidney failure and even amputations.

Once you get pre diabetes, there is no way to cure it. However, having knowledge about its causes can help you in preventing it from happening. Here is a list of pre-existing conditions that can lead to pre diabetes:

•    Obesity
•    Cardiovascular disease
•    Low levels of the good cholesterol (HDL)
•    Increased levels of triglycerides
•    Impaired glucose levels or metabolic syndrome
•    Hypertension
•    Sleep disorders
•    History of gestational diabetes and having given birth to a baby over nine pounds

Treating these pre-existing problems would give you a better chance of avoiding pre-diabetes. Prevention is always a better option. By following a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle, most of these complications can be avoided. Surely, it is much easier to eat healthy and exercise than to take medicines and go to doctors.


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