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Winter Tips For Diabetics

Winter Tips For Diabetics, During winter, your eating and exercising habits are influenced and this can have an affect on your blood sugar levels.

Winter Tips For Diabetics

Winter is a troublesome period for all people because exposure to cold can lead to various health complications. Diabetics also need to be careful in winter because it affects them not directly but definitely indirectly. During winter, your eating and exercising habits are influenced and this can have an affect on your blood sugar levels. The weather itself cannot contribute towards a change in your glucose levels. According to some studies, winter is a depressive and anxious time for some people and if they are diabetics, then this stress can raise their blood sugar level.

Patients with diabetes need to make sure that their eating and exercising patterns are not disturbed due to winter.


Some ways in which diabetics can continue their physical activity even in winter:

1.    Exercising at home: For those who do not like to brave the cold weather outside the house, they can stay at home and exercise. There is no compulsion that you can be active only out of your home. Special exercise videos for diabetics are available online and in markets for home workouts. These videos have been found to be very effective.

2.    Going to the gym: Gyms are perfect places for exercising. If you cannot exercise at home or outside, then going to the gym is a good idea. Try out trial memberships in winter and have at disposal, different forms of exercises ranging from aerobics to weight training, which is a good way for diabetics to tone muscles and keep bones strong and healthy.

3.    Swimming: Swimming is an excellent full body exercise. It helps especially those people why have a lot of weight as it does not do any damage to their joints. In winter, you can swim in heated pools and this cannot only be fun but also relaxing.
4.    Doing house chores: Cleaning the house can be a good exercise, as many women will tell you. Try doing different chores in the house while moving to a fast-paced music.

Besides taking care of your exercise, you also need to remember few other things like:

1.    Drink clean water to replenish lost fluids and to keep a steady blood sugar level. However, avoid sugary drinks.

2.    Keep yourself warm, especially your feet which due to poor circulation and nerve problems are quite vulnerable. Do not warm them with hot water bottles. Instead use socks. Furthermore, aged individuals need to wear extra warm clothes because they have a decreased ability to control body temperatures and less fat. This can cause a drop in their body temperature.

3.    Always check your blood sugar level with a glucometer because guesses are hardly ever reliable.

Hence, the arrival of winter brings with it the need for special care. Diabetics are warned to keep a watch over their weight even in winter as an increase can lead to other complications. Staying relaxed and eating healthy are a must in every season but especially so in winter!


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