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Misinformation About Diabetes

Misinformation About Diabetes, Either your parents have it, or your siblings or any one of your aunts or uncles is bound to be a diabetic. Yet, there is still much confusion regarding this disease.

Misinformation About Diabetes

Diabetes has become so common that it is almost a household name now. Either your parents have it, or your siblings or any one of your aunts or uncles is bound to be a diabetic. Yet, there is still much confusion regarding this disease.


Some of those questions have been answered below - Diabetes Misinformation

1.    You must give up your favourite foods when you get diabetes: There is very little truth in it. At present times, there has been so much research and studies on diabetes and many new medicines have been introduced in the market. All these have made it easier for diabetics to control their disease while keeping pretty much to their old diets. However, they are advised to limit their intake of carbohydrates as these can cause an increase in their blood sugar level.

2.    You cannot stop the use of insulin once it has been started: This is true for people with type 1 diabetes. Since their bodies don’t produce insulin, it is necessary to give them insulin shots. As far as type 2 diabetes is concerned, the use of insulin in it can be reduced with dietary changes, exercise and weight loss.

3.    Cancer is caused by artificial sweeteners: This is one very common misconception. Many diabetics are advised against the use of sweeteners by their families and acquaintances. However, there is no truth in it, as proven by so many researches. These sweeteners are safe for health and do not cause cancer or any other serious illness. In fact, they have proven to be very useful for diabetics as they can indulge their sweet tooth without the risk of high blood pressure.

4.    Until you don’t sweat and pant, your exercise is not beneficial: This misconception that the harder you exercise, the better it is for you, is completely without merit. The purpose of exercise is not sweating or increasing your heart rate. The point is to move your muscles in any way you like. People also think that only walking or jogging is exercise. There are many other forms as well. The American Heart Association has given new suggestions for exercise such as walking your dog or standing up while you talk on the phone. Using the stairs instead of the elevators is also a form of exercise. Another activities include doing your own house or yard work and getting things from top shelves or bending to take things from lower shelves are also every day exercises that diabetics can do. Hence, you can be physically active doing what ever you enjoy.

5.    The glucose meter tells the overall blood glucose levels: This is not true. The blood glucose meter only tells about the sugar level at the moment of checking. For finding out the average glucose level in the past two or three months, then A1C level is much better.


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