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Which is best blood pressure monitor?

Which is best blood pressure monitor? automatic blood pressure monitors with a digital display are the most convenient one


Which is best blood pressure monitor?

People who are hypertensive must have their own BP monitors to keep their blood pressure under their check and help them keep it within safe limits. Taking daily readings will become easy and it would let the patients control what drinks and food they consume. Generally, eating too much, not taking regular exercise and being overweight causes the onset of hypertension and keeping BP monitor and checking the blood pressure daily may allow the patients to know the exact reason of their ailment. In worse cases high blood pressure causes heart attack, so if you feel symptoms like headaches, dizziness and blurred vision; you must check your blood pressure immediately.

Although, for home use, automatic blood pressure monitors with a digital display are the most convenient one, but you must think of what is your need and must buy a BP monitor accordingly.

The finger fitting BP monitors: these are very convenient to use but these are very inaccurate and these accuracy problems make this type of BP monitor very unpopular. Moreover, there are not many models for this as well.

Wrist fitting BP monitors: these are the best for home use although these have some inaccuracy issues but still these are fairly accurate and portable. These BP monitors have a LCD screen to display blood pressure and heart rate and so are convenient to use. These battery-powered BP monitors come in one combined unit, which includes the display and the self-inflating wrist band.

Upper arm fitting monitors: these battery-powered BP monitors are mostly used by the doctors. Both BP levels and the pulse rates are displayed on the large LCD screen. Most of these are also supplied with an AC adapter. When taking a reading, the Cuff will automatically inflate to a regulated pressure, and then deflate once the reading is complete. These BP monitors are the most accurate ones.

The more you spend the more features you get. Good units are supplied with a USB lead and the software so you can download the data to your PC and store the readings there or take out print of them and show to your doctor. Some of the best BP Monitors will allow 2 users to keep separate sets of readings, and can store up to 200 measurements.

Suppose the reading shows 135/70. It means that the systolic pressure is 135 mm of Hg which is the highest pressure the arteries must withstand and 70 mm of Hg is the diastolic pressure which is the minimum blood pressure against which the heart must work. Normal BP rates are typically 120/80 or less. Hope you will get a good BP monitor soon and will use it and help your BP to be in normal range.


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