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Types of Cardiovascular Diseases

Types of Cardiovascular Diseases, There are different types of cardiovascular diseases. The most common of them all is coronary heart disease or CHD

Types of Cardiovascular Diseases

It is common observation that heart diseases are on the rise and they are no longer restricted to people of a certain age or gender. Every person has the potential to suffer from a cardiovascular complication. In such a situation, it is very important that people know about its causes and signs so that timely steps can be taken.

There are different types of cardiovascular diseases. The most common of them all is coronary heart disease or CHD. It develops when plaque blocks or narrows the veins or arteries of the body. Plaque is usually caused by fats, dead cells, high cholesterol and calcium deposits in the arterial walls. When arteries become completely blocked, a person can also suffer from heart attack and strokes. It has been reported by the Centre for Disease Control that sixty percent of all deaths are caused by coronary heart disease. This is due to the fact that CHD has no obvious signs and symptoms.

Another type of heart disease is congestive heart failure or CHF. When the heart is unable to pump sufficient amount of blood needed by the body, then congestive heart failure occurs. This is one of the most alarming kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Its causes include hypertension, myocarditis, an infection-like disease of muscles, and coronary heart problems.

Atherosclerosis is also a form of cardiovascular disease in which arteries become hard. This is caused when high levels of cholesterol become deposited in the walls of the arteries. As these deposits grow in size, they first narrow and then completely block the arteries. This in result makes it harder for blood and oxygen to be distributed in the body. This is why some parts of the body like brain, eyes, kidneys and the guts suffer from a lack of oxygen.

The best way to prevent any type of heart disease is to exercise and to avoid foods that contain fats and lead to plaque deposits in arteries. Smoking is also injurious to health and should be stopped altogether. Add Omega 3 fish oil supplements to your diet. Checking your cholesterol levels regularly is an effective way of knowing what is happening inside your body. Try to keep your cholesterol within normal limits because this will go a long way in safeguarding you from heart disease.


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