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Dr.Armughan Riaz
M.B.B.S, Dip Card
Consultant Cardiologist


Treat your blood pressure in 5 minutes

Treat your blood pressure in 5 minutes. Learn how to treat high blood pressure within five minutes.

Treat your blood pressure in 5 minutes

You can treat your blood pressure in 5 minutes. This is not a literal promise. I have helped many high blood pressure individuals in the past to achieve this. You can also be benefited. That too, without the use of a single medicine or a pill!


Here is a list of some of the tangible things to treat your blood pressure in 5 minutes, without invasive cure and medicines:

1) Breathing Techniques:
Revert to the breathing techniques again, this time with a new medical mechanism. The procedure stands the clinical tests to lower high blood pressure. This technique works on the pattern of “Anuloma Viloma Pranayama” the breathing exercises mentioned in Yoga.

According to the researchers the blood pressure reducing device named RESPe RATE(R) contains a microprocessor. This creates special melodies that vary from individual to individual, depending upon the condition of the individual. One tone is for exhalation and the other one for inhalation. It becomes possible for the individual to synchronize the breathing rate to about 10 breaths per minute.

2) Cutting arterial plaque:
Another quick breakthrough for high blood pressure is achieved by cutting arterial plaque. A quick decrease up to 60 points was observed in the blood pressure level. And the blood cholesterol level fell by as much as 20%. The wonder of this treatment is that there is no danger of blood clots and no prescription medication is involved. This result was also achieved in 5 minutes.

3) Music Therapy:
Now comes the listening experience to treat high blood pressure in 5 minutes. Just listen to the special type of music. Listen to the top musicians playing the special music through Media Positive Radio. Such music therapy pay attention on some special power that works effectively on high blood pressure. A study conducted in a New York hospital shows the practical beneficial effects of this type of treatment. It just took 5 minutes, without any drugs, vitamins or pills to get the valuable results.

You must be thinking if the control of high blood pressure is that simple why the medicine companies in United States and other countries are busy with their expansion plans and research plans in a big way.

Hypertension is a silent killer and it attacks you without any allarming. Its symptoms are difficult to detect in advance. Often it seems that there are no symptoms. that is why we call it as silent killer. This is the peculiar nature of the disease. Hence the search for instant 5 minutes remedies can not be brushed aside.


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