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Top 4 lifestyle reasons of High Blood Pressure

Top 4 lifestyle reasons why you have hypertension, Poor lifestyle choices often cause hypertension to be developed in a person.

Top 4 lifestyle reasons of High Blood Pressure

Poor lifestyle choices often cause hypertension to be developed in a person. This is also true that developing hypertension has a lot to do with the family history of a person but the poor lifestyle choices are a major contributor to the trouble.

The common top 4 poor lifestyle choices are presented as following:

Poor diet:

In our daily life, nowadays, we prefer fast foods because we don’t feel comfortable to buy ingredients and cook our food instead of buying ready-made fast foods. Fast foods are a hazard to our health because these are high in sodium content which causes the blood pressure to shoot up. Fast foods are also rich in fats and trans-fats, which cause the weight of the person to increase and this puts strain on the body and the heart, which increases the blood pressure. Soft drinks, whether diet or regular, increase the blood pressure indirectly, and nowadays we feel that we cannot live without these carbonated drinks.
First step to be taken is to reduce the intake of those foods which are high in sodium and fats and consume diet composed of fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meat. This will reduce the abnormally high blood pressure. Drink cold fresh water instead of carbonated drinks, this will also serve to lower your blood pressure.

Lack of exercise:

Nowadays we have many different machines and labor saving devices available to us courtesy of modern technology and advancement in science but these things have also adversely affected our lives in a way that we have become more and more inactive and adopted many activities which have nothing that provide our bodies with any sort of activity. For leisure we watch movies, TV, or play a computer game. All these are done by sitting down and hence remain inactive, which does nothing but escalate our weight.
Balanced healthy diet with regular exercise will prevent obesity, which also causes rise in blood pressure. Just a regular aerobic activity of thirty to sixty minutes is enough for our heart to pump better and our lungs to work to a better capacity. Go for cycling or swimming regularly in the evening and use stairs instead of elevator when you are the work. This will surely work. Simplest activity is also available which is brisk walking for about thirty minutes. You will notice that these simple exercises, which do not require you to join gym or buy some special equipment, will definitely work and bring your blood pressure dramatically down.


Hypertension and type-2 diabetes are life-threatening diseases and both of these contribute to each other making the things even worse. Obesity or being over-weight cause the development of both of these diseases, which in turn is a result of lack of exercise and eating unhealthy foods. It is very important to maintain weight according to your gender and height if you want to have a longer life expectancy. Lower your weight by having a healthy and balanced diet along with taking regular exercise to lower the high blood pressure.


Stress increases the focus on the brain and thinking ability of a person improves for a short period of time and adrenaline hormone released in stress condition is responsible for this. It also provides blood vessels in the arms and legs with increased volumes of blood, which gives extra energy to those parts of the body preparing them for the ‘fight or flight’ condition. But if the mind is under stress for a very long period of time, it will become a hazard as it contributes to the high blood pressure condition. Try to relax by taking in deep breaths for about twenty minutes which immediately reduce the blood pressure, though for a short period of time.


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