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Tips On How to Lower Blood Pressure While Pregnant

Tips On How to Lower Blood Pressure While Pregnant, The first step towards a healthy pregnancy involves exercise. Expectant mothers should exercise for 30 minutes three times a week

Tips On How to Lower Blood Pressure While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a very precarious situation for the woman. She needs to be careful about many things, including her blood pressure. If it is not monitored regularly during the pregnancy it can lead to worse situations such as preeclampsia which is a serious blood pressure condition. Most women suffer from high blood pressure during their pregnancy. However, it is not something to pressure can be controlled without much hassle.

The first step towards a healthy pregnancy involves exercise. Expectant mothers should exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. Exercise should be started before any blood pressure problem appears as prevention is always better than cure. It can be started right after the conception. Follow only routines that are specifically designed for pregnancy women. Begin slowly with lighter exercises and then you can go to the advance levels as you progress. Usually, exercises consist of walking, swimming, strength training, yoga and low impact aerobics. These special routines will have other benefits as well besides controlling blood pressure. It will reduce constipation, backache, fatigue, diabetes, sleep problems and varicose veins.

Besides exercising, pregnant women are also advised to take special care of what they are eating and drinking.  Expecting mothers need to increase their calorie intake by 300. Minerals and vitamins are essential for expectant mothers. They should have 4-6 small meals throughout the day to get the required nutrition. If they want to avoid high blood pressure, then they will have to say goodbye to alcohol and tobacco as these have a negative effect on blood vessels. All canned and processed foods also need to be limited as these are rich in sodium which increases blood pressure. Instead, eat potassium enriched foods like potatoes, tomato juice, grapefruit juice and avocadoes. Also avoid saturated fat foods like meat, bacon and of course butter. Also, foods that have high folic acid and calcium content are also beneficial. Lastly, pregnant women also need to avoid too much caffeine in their diet as this can also contribute in raising blood pressure.

A pregnant woman should also take care that she is not overdoing anything. Rest is as important as exercise and a good diet. A nap during the day will keep you fresh and active. Some women are advised bed rest during the last days of their term.

The most important thing to do during pregnancy is to visit the prenatal care doctor regularly. Do not miss any appointments even if you and the baby are in good health. This is particularly vital for women who are suffering from high blood pressure because if untreated, this condition can worsen into pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) that is related to preeclampsia. Its indicators include severe headaches, vision problems, swelling of the face and hands, and sudden weight gain of five pounds or more in one week. This is caused by fluid retention. Hence, the visits to a doctor are imperative. If you are suffering from gestational hypertension, you will be prescribed medicines that are safe for the baby to bring your blood pressure under control. Usually, drugs with ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers, or beta blockers are not given during pregnancy as these have harmful side effects. The best medicine for controlling high blood pressure in expectant women is methyldopa. The doctor, of course, will keep in mind your condition before giving you any medicine. Taking them regularly is up to you.

Conclusively, during pregnancy it becomes even more crucial to deal with any medical conditions that may manifest themselves no matter how small. Visit your doctor regularly and discuss with him the best ways to keep you healthy for the term.


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