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Ten Important Reasons why you should Measure your Blood Pressure at Home

Important Reasons why you should Measure your Blood Pressure at Home, It is very important that the person himself takes the responsibility of monitoring his/her blood pressure 

Ten Important Reasons why you should Measure your Blood Pressure at Home


It is very important that the person himself takes the responsibility of monitoring his/her blood pressure at home and following are ten reasons presented to convince you for this:

1)      Evidence: Visiting a doctor’s clinic causes some people to get stressed and the blood pressure of even a normal person can go high, which can cause him to be diagnosed as hypertensive, even though he is not. This is called ‘white coat hypertension’. According to some studies, self-monitoring the blood pressure at home avoids this problem.

2)      Responsibility: When a person measures his blood pressure by himself, it teaches him to take responsibility of himself, which is one of the most important requirements in the treatment of the disease. This is because hypertension is a disease which is greatly influenced by the lifestyle, and the patient is supposed to take responsibility of changing his lifestyle himself.

3)      Ease of use: Sphygmomanometer…… Very difficult to pronounce? Isn’t it? Not only difficult to pronounce but also very difficult to use. But in contrast, the BP monitors available nowadays are so simple to use that they just give you the reading for just a press of a button.

4)      Affordability: With the advancement of technology, BP monitors’ accuracy is improving but still they are becoming cheaper and getting into the reach of more and more people. A sum of $ 30 to 40 can buy you a good BP monitor and expensive ones can have more features, like storing records and retrieving them.

5)      Control: If you have BP monitor at home, then you can measure the blood pressure frequently and it will help you to remind whether you are taking you medicine regularly or not and whether you are acting upon the advice of your doctor. It will also help you to decide when to visit a doctor. In a nutshell we can say that keeping a BP monitor at home helps to control the blood pressure more effectively.

6)      Reassurance: It is good to know that your blood pressure is in normal range because it will psychologically make you a relaxed person when you are stressed after knowing that you are hypertensive. On the other hand measuring BP at home will let you to take appropriate measures, if your BP is high.

7)      Motivation: Human nature is that a person is motivated when something good happens and the will power to make efforts to maintain or improve upon an achievement increase. Similar thing happens if a person keeps monitoring his BP regularly and observes the improvements in his BP with changing his lifestyle acts as a strong motivator.

8)      Information: Treatment can be improved if a person or his doctor knows the trend of his BP because this helps in knowing aspects which influence the BP in positive manner or in negative manner. This can be achieved by measuring your blood pressure regularly.

9)      Fewer clinic visits: It is obvious that keeping a BP monitor and measuring BP at home helps you to cut down on the number of visits to the doctor’s clinic, many of which might be just for a BP measurement. This is really inconvenient as the clinic might not be at some walking distance, and this can be done easily at home. Save your visits and gather a lot of readings of BP and other necessary information before you visit a doctor, so that you can have a detailed and effective discussion.

10)   Help others: You have seen that how much beneficial is keeping a BP monitor at home and it can be used by whole of your family and your friends can also borrow it, which will help them to know whether they have hypertension or not. In the meantime the ease of use may convince your friends to buy their own BP monitor.

These reasons are really strong to convince a person to buy his own BP monitor, because it makes the life easier and you also give this idea to any of your relatives who have the problem of hypertension. BP monitors are cheap and you can also gift one to your friend.



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