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Role of Anxiety in High Blood Pressure

Role of Anxiety in High Blood Pressure, Most experts argue that anxiety only causes a temporary spike in blood pressure levels. It is also not considered to be directly connected to the chronic form of the condition.

Role of Anxiety in High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a cause of concern for many different reasons. This often asymptomatic condition has been associated with the development of many dangerous and life threatening ailments such as blindness, kidney disease, stroke, heart disease and failure. Moreover, research has indicated a link between elevated blood pressure levels and everyday anxiety. Here's more on the same.


Anxiety and High Blood Pressure

Anxiety is a useful emotion that's usually triggered when an individual finds him/herself in a challenging or threatening situation. It is one of the most important survival mechanisms of the body and often helps us overcome difficult conditions. However, at times, it may reel out of control and impede one's ability to function normally. Chronic anxiety may eventually lead to high blood pressure as well.

Most experts argue that anxiety only causes a temporary spike in blood pressure levels. It is also not considered to be directly connected to the chronic form of the condition. It works by triggering the release of hormones that accelerate the heart rate and decrease the blood vessel diameter- leading to high BP. Even though short term, it can increase mean arterial pressure by up to 30-40%. However, all of these return to normal once the hormones have been eliminated by the body.

Nevertheless, it doesn't imply that people with chronic anxiety disorders are also more prone to developing chronic BP issues. In most cases, the nervous and cardiovascular system returns to normal status after an initial increase in stress hormones. Their blood pressure responds to higher levels of anxiety just as that of other patients without chronic anxiety disorders.

Temporary or not, stress and anxiety have a worrying impact on blood pressure and as a result, are often listed as one of the primary causes of the same. In fact, brief but repeated bursts of elevated blood pressure levels could be as dangerous as chronic high blood pressure. Either condition can lead to similar and severe damage of the blood vessels, heart and kidneys. Also, regardless of the temporary or chronic nature of high BP; the ailment can increase the risk of heart attack, organ damage, stroke and even death.

Treatment plans for people with high blood pressure as well as anxiety issues must be devised with care. While certain medications compliment each other, others may work against one another as well. Thus, the combination of drugs must be prescribed after careful consideration of their compatibility.

Natural remedies may aid recovery from both conditions. Patients are recommended to try an amalgamation of natural based therapies such as behavioral treatments, herbal remedies and yoga. Certain herbs such as Passion flower are also considered to be particularly effective at overcoming stress and depression.

Nonetheless, it is always prudent to consult a qualified physician before starting with a treatment- whether natural or not. He or she will be better able to find you a remedy that suits your individual requirements the best.


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