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My Face Gets Red and Flushed With High Blood Pressure

My Face Gets Red and Flushed With High Blood Pressure, In case your face is often flushed, you may be upset that you’re affected by high blood pressure.

My Face Gets Red and Flushed With High Blood Pressure

In case your face is often flushed, you may be upset that you're affected by high blood pressure. In accordance with standard knowledge, a flushed face is one of the symptoms of the disease. Nonetheless, there's a reason why hypertension is referred to in the medical community as “the silent killer.” That’s because  of apparent symptoms, such as flushed skin, do not appear with this disorder. Facial flushing is attributable to dilation of blood arteries in the face, which may be triggered by emotional anxiety, sizzling climate, solar exposure, alcohol use, exercise, hot baths and wind. These elements can also raise blood pressure temporarily however, the AHA says, facial flushing isn't related to the momentary spike in pressure, which can be a response, not a catalyst.  Emotional tension, exposure to heat or hot water, alcohol and exercise may also increase your blood pressure momentarily. So you might need facial flushing while your blood pressure is higher than standard, however the one doesn't cause the other.


Some Blood Pressure Medicines also produce Red and Flushed face

Some blood pressure decreasing medicine - including vasodilators, alpha channel blockers and tamoxifen - checklist facial flushing as a possible side effect. Talk to your doctor in case you’re anxious about unwanted effects of your medications.

So if a flushed face isn't a sign of hypertension, is there something that may alert you to the disease? The only clear cut option to know is to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis. In case you have a family historical past of hypertension, it's best to check your blood pressure regularly, even for those who just use a kind of self-serve apparatus in your local grocery store or pharmacy.

In case you have severe hypertension, you might feel the following:

* Severe headache
* Confusion and lightheadedness
* Difficulty seeing
* Problem with breathing
* Chest pain
* Blood in your urine
* Pounding sensation in your neck, ears, or chest

If you are experiencing any of those signs, it is advisable go the emergency room immediately. Hypertension has no symptoms. The only way to tell if in case you have high blood pressure is for a physician to diagnose it after a period of monitoring. If you are worried that your flushed skin is a sign of something severe, consult with your physician. There are some rare illnesses that can cause flushing, and your physician can rule out any likely harmful possibilities.


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