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List of Salt Free Diet in Grocery Store For High Blood Pressure

Are you looking for salt free food. Here is list of salt free diet in Grocery Store for high blood pressure

List of Salt Free Diet in Grocery Store For High Blood Pressure

 If you are one of the hypertension patients, you must be aware that taking saltor salt can send your blood pressure measurements up like a rocket. saltmay be avoided but the problem, however, is how to replace salt so that all those blood pressure machines keep quiet when they are put on you. If you sit down to make a list of salt free diet in grocery store, you'll find yourself banging your head against the wall. Cutting down the intake of salt is known to reduce blood pressure and is one of the most effective ways of controlling blood pressure.

But, how do you find salt-free diet? Naturally, the next best thing is the internet. So, you log on and write something like "list of salt free diet in grocery store hypertension" and there you have loads of information to downloard and yet all of it either seems incomplete or absolutely useless like an unpaid lawyer's advice. So, we thought of placing much of the information here in brief so that you don't have to look for "list of salt free diet in grocery store hypertension".

There are some seasoning mixtures designed for salt-free diets to provide enough flavor so that salt may not be necessary in the dish. But, it is also possible to prepare salt-free dishes without using special ingredients. Take the strong flavor approach to compensate for lack of salt.

If you go for commercial salt substitutes, they are often bitter tasting though they may help you a little in keeping the counts down on the fancy samsung blood pressure monitor you bought last week. Why miss on taste simply because salt is a big 'no' on your diet for hypertension, which keeps your blood pressure levels but also keeps your tongue starved of good taste. Salt-free diet is a sure shot way to minimize many effects of hypertension.

Acid ingredients such as lemon, lime, vinegar and wine are extremely useful in this, so are peppers in varying degrees of hotness. With enough pepper in a dish, the salt will certainly not be missed. Garlic and extra-virgin olive oil can also contribute to the depth of flavor and a complexity and may thus compensate for lack of salt. Sweet fruit-based sauces come in handy too, as they too perform the same function. Among the most effective salt-free preparations are sweet and sour sauces. Then we have mustard. Use it with bread crumbs to coat fish, chicken or veal before it goes under the boiler.

Now, that you are relishing a salt-free dish, have a good look at your blood pressure equipment. Has it moved? I believe not. So shall we say it is a final goodbye to the "list of salt free diet in grocery store hypertension". Nice to know.



Shopping List for Sodium-Restricted Diets in Shops

The following list contains diets with fewer-than-300-mg sodium. This diet list should not take the place of medical advice. Consult your physician if you have any questions. Please read diet labels to ensure that you are selecting the correct diet products.

Rice and Pasta
Pasta - all varieties except DiGiorno tortellini
Rice - all varieties except pre-seasoned and ready-to-eat
Rice cakes - all varieties
Quaker rice snacks- apple cinnamon

Canned Products
Canned fruit - all varieties
Hunts tomato paste no salt added
Heinz no-salt-added ketchup
Hunt's no-salt-added tomato sauce
Hunt's no-salt-added whole tomatoes
Hunt's no-salt-added stewed tomatoes
Del Monte diced no-salt-added tomatoes
Del Monte corn and other vegetables with no salt added
No-salt-added canned vegetables
La Preferida black beans (100-mg sodium)
Campbell’s low-saltsoup - all varieties
Pie filling - all varieties
Pumpkin filling - all varieties

Fresh produce - all varieties
Dried fruit - all varieties
Good Sense raw nuts
Good Sense raw sunflower seeds
Gelatin desserts
Avo Classic guacamole
Bolthouse Farms juice
POM juice
Frutmost smoothies
Nectar Island juices
Mariani fruit rolls
Caramel dips
Almond accents

Hellmann’s mayonnaise
Kraft mayonnaise
Vinegar - all varieties
Low-saltbroth - all varieties
Herbox very-low-saltbouillon - all flavors
Mustard - all varieties
Heinz no-salt ketchup
Jelly - all varieties
Simply Jiff peanut butter
Peter Pan very-low-saltpeanut butter
Honey - all varieties
Fruit butters - all varieties

Cereals and Cereal Bars
Cream of Wheat - all varieties except instant
Oatmeal - except instant
Malt-O-Meal - all varieties
Oat Bran hot cereal
Cream of rice
Special K bars
Hy-Vee chewy granola variety pack
Hy-Vee trail mix chewy bars
Hy-Vee shredded wheat cereal
Hy-Vee frosted shredded wheat cereal
Hy-Vee frosted wheat puffins cereal
Kellogg’d Honey Smacks cereal
General Mills Fiber One cereal

Sugar - all varieties
Olive oil - all varieties
Canola oil - all varieties
Cooking spray - all varieties
Pancake and waffle syrup - all varieties
Sundae syrups - all varieties
Malted milk mix - all varieties
Marshmallows - all varieties
Ice cream cones - all varieties
Waffle cones - all varieties
Waffle bowls - all varieties
Jell-O mix - all varieties
Unsalted nuts
Baking chips - all varieties
Baking cocoa - all varieties
Coconut - all varieties
Mrs. Dash - all varieties
Lawry’s Salt Free seasonings - all varieties
Nu Salt salt substitute
Morton salt substitute
Cavender’s no-salt-added Greek seasoning
Tone’s no-salt-added spices including salt-free lemon pepper
Mrs. Dash tomato, basil, garlic
Mrs. Dash lemon pepper
Mrs. Dash Grilling Blends original steak blend
Mrs. Dash Grilling Blends original chicken blend

Coffee - all varieties
Chocolate-flavored drink mix- all except Ovaltine
Spiced cider drink mix- all varieties
Carnation Instant Breakfast drink mix - all varieties
100% Juice - all varieties
V-8 low-saltvegetable juice
V-8 Splash and smoothies - all varieties
Tea - all varieties
Flavored water - all varieties
Soda - all varieties
Arizona Green Tea - all varieties
Canada Dry
Water - all varieties
Flavored water - all varieties
Lipton iced tea - all varieties

Marinades and Seasoning Mixes
Mrs. Dash salt-free Southwest chipotle marinade
Mrs. Dash salt-free zesty garlic marinade
Mrs. Dash salt-free pepper marinade
Williams original chili seasoning (no salt added)
Williams chicken chili seasoning (no salt added)
Williams chipotle chili seasoning (new flavor) - label indicates zero sodium

Pepperidge Farms 100% stone-ground whole wheat
Pepperidge Farms natural whole grains - all varieties
Pepperidge Farms light style - all varieties
Sara Lee Delightful - all varieties
Sara Lee Heart Healthy Classic 100% whole wheat
Sara Lee honey wheat
Sara Lee Classic white
D’Italiano light bread
Iron Kids sandwich bread
Sun-Maid raisin bread
Hy-Vee sandwich bread - all varieties
Home Pride 100% whole wheat
Wonder Bread light - all varieties
Midwest Country Fare - all varieties

Unsalted nuts
Fruit snacks - all varieties
Snack Wells cookies - all varieties
Hy-Vee graham crackers - all varieties
Low-saltWheat Thins
Matzo Crackers - unsalted
Ry Krisp crackers - all varieties
Wasa Crackers - all varieties
Low-saltsaltine crackers - all varieties
Vic’s Lite Half Salt popcorn
Hunt’s sugar-free Jell-O snack packs
Applesauce - all varieties

Frozen diets
Frozen juice concentrate - all varieties
Froote Ice
Plain frozen fish - all varieties. Avoid breaded or marinated.
Frozen vegetables - all varieties. Avoid those in sauces.
Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine chicken a la orange
Frozen fruit - all varieties
Whipped topping - all varieties
Yogurt Smoothie bars - all varieties
Popsicles - all varieties
Fudge bars - all varieties
Weight Watchers ice cream products - all varieties
Healthy Choice ice cream products - all varieties
Sherbet - all varieties
Sorbet - all varieties
Light ice cream - all varieties

Meat/Seadiet Department
Fresh meats - all varieties. Avoid lunch meats, bologna, hot dogs, meats with marinade and meats that contain broth. “fillers”. Check label carefully.
Fresh fish - all varieties. Avoid breaded, pre-seasoned and canned fish.

Dairy Department
Silk soymilk - all varieties
2% milk - all varieties
1% milk - all varieties
Skim milk - all varieties
Non-fat yogurt - all varieties
Low-fat yogurt - all varieties
Tropicana smoothie - all varieties
Jell-O smoothie snack pack - all varieties
Jell-O snack packs - all varieties
Eggs - all varieties
Egg substitute - all varieties except flavored types
Juice - all varieties
Lemonade - all varieties
100% Natural Real peanut butter - all varieties
Whipped topping - all varieties
Unsalted butter - all varieties
Take Control margarine
Smart Balance spread
Fat-free Parkay spread
Sour cream - all varieties
Nestle Coffeemate - all varieties

Walnut Acre’s juice - all varieties except Incredible Vegetables
HealthMarket organic juices - all varieties
Santa Cruz organic sparkling beverages - all varieties
Hansen’s All Natural soda - all varieties
Blue Sky organic natural soda - all varieties
HealthMarket soy milk - all varieties
Hansen’s Smoothies- all varieties

diet For Life Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain bread

Cold Cereals
Back to Nature Oat and Soy Crisp
Back to Nature High Fiber Multi Bran cereal
Back to Nature Multi Grain
Back to Nature Low-fat Soy Granola
Nature’s Path Organic Mesa Sunrise
Nature’s Path Organic Heritage Bites
Nature’s Path Organic Millet Rice Oat Bran
Nature’s Path Organic Multigrain Oat Bran
Nature’s Path Organic Heritage O’s
Nature’s Path Organic Rice Puffs
Barbara’s Bakery Grain Shop cereal
Hy-Vee HealthMarket Banana Nut
Hy-Vee HealthMarket 7-Grain
Hy-Vee HealthMarket Healthy People
Hy-Vee HealthMarket Crunchy Raspberry
Kashi Good Friends
Kashi Cinna-Raisin Crunch
Kashi Heart to Heart
Cascadian Farms Organic Multigrain Squares

Hot Cereals
Kashi Breakfast Pilaf
Bob’s Red Mill 10-Grain
Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Rice
Bob’s Red Mill 8-Grain
Bob’s Red Mill Instant Rolled Oats
Bob’s Red Mill Apple Cinnamon and Grain
Bob’s Red Mill 5-Grain Rolled
Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran
Bob’s Red Mill Steel-Cut Oats
Bob’s Red Mill Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats
Bob’s Red Mill 7-Grain
Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal
Bob’s Red Mill Muesli
Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Wheat
Hodgson Mill - all varieties
Arrowhead Mill - all varieties

Canned diets
Eden organic black soy beans and other beans - no salt added
Eden organic garbanzo beans - no salt added
Muir Glen diced tomatoes - no salt added
Muir Glen tomato sauce - no salt added
Health Valley organic potato leek soup - no salt added
Health Valley organic fat-free beef broth - no salt added
Health Valley organic fat-free chicken broth - no salt added

Snack diets
Newman’s Own organic unsalted pretzels
Skinny natural corn chips - original and sour cream and onion flavors
GeniSoy soy nut trail mix
Lundberg organic whole-grain rice cakes - all varieties
Bearitos unsalted tortilla chips
Kashi granola bars

Annie’s Natural Organic honey mustard
Spectrum Natural’s organic mayonnaise
Spectrum Natural’s organic canola Mayonnaise
Cascadian Farm organic fruit spread - all varieties
Levoux Creek apple butter
Kettle Roaster fresh almond butter
Casher butter
Sunflower butter
Wild Garden hummus dip
Roasted Garlic Green Mountain Gringo Salsa
Arrowhead Mills Organic Valencia Peanut Butter - all varieties

Barbara’s whole-wheat fig bars - all varieties
Country Choice sandwich crèmes - all varieties

Frozen Dessert
FrozFruit frozen fruit bars - all varieties

Consorizo Tropical Grill 10-Minute Marinade

GeniSoy soy nuts - unsalted
Unsalted nuts - in bulk diets

Rice and Pasta
Lundberg Family brown rice - all varieties
Lundberg Family white rice- all varieties
Bionature organic whole-wheat pasta - all varieties
Hodgson Mill organic whole-wheat pasta with milled flaxseed - all varieties

Salad Dressings
Maple Groves Farms of Vermont sugar-free dressing
Low-carb Italian balsamic dressing
Drew’s All Natural Rosemary Balsamic salad dressing
Drew’s All Natural Kalamata Olive and Caper salad dressing
Consorizo Strawberry and Balsamic fat-free dressing
Consorizo Raspberry and Balsamic fat-free dressing

Blue Diamond Nut Thins - all varieties
Bible Bread - all varieties
Wheatines saltine-style crackers
Ho Grain brown rice crackers
HAIN chocolate animal cookies


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John from Englewood Colorado
300 mg ? Why so high ? I realized finally , your list is not salt free , as I eat daily . My BP finally was under my control when I found salt , sodium free peanut butter . Flavoring natural and whole foods is possible without salt or sodium . I do it every day . For example , a good sesame seed oil , is great . Adding a small amount of liquid smoke , or real soy sauce , is the beginning . I've lost 30 pounds , at 50 Y.O. I take zero pills or anything . Natural herb supplements only . I do pushups , pullups and mountain bike ride . Much like the ADA , telling you ' ok eat that cake , just take your meds ' . Bah , Drop the salt . You'll feel even better .
Posted at 11:53:am 03/15/12
Kash from USA
It is near impossible to avoid salt in a daily diet.
One needs to watch all food that you eat.
Every food dish has some salt in it. Avoid any processed food, even bread has salt, read labels.
You will sacrifice taste in the begining, but will get used to it. Good Luck for a healthy NO SALT life.
Posted at 7:34:am 06/04/12
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