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Juicing Recipes For High Blood Pressure

Juicing Recipes For High Blood Pressure, Particularly, the juices of certain fruits and vegetables are considered very effective in high blood pressure.

Juicing Recipes For High Blood Pressure

 High blood pressure is an increasing problem. It is estimated that 30 percent of Caucasian and 30 percent of Caucasian women have blood pressure higher than the recommended levels that is 140/90 by the time they are 55 years old. Moreover, about 50 percent of African American men and 40 percent of African American women of the same age are at a risk of developing high blood pressure. Since, hypertension has very few recognizable symptoms, 50 percent of people are not even aware that they have hypertension. If this condition is left untreated, it can lead to heart disease. Hence, it is essential to check your blood pressure regularly and if high blood pressure is observed, then to visit a doctor.


Juices for High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a condition that can be kept under control by making some lifestyle changes. Diet has a major role in regulating our blood pressure. This is why doctors usually advise their hypertension patients to change their diet to one that is low in saturated fats and sodium. In addition to this, they should consume plenty of fruit and vegetable for lowering their blood pressure.Particularly, the juices of certain fruits and vegetables are considered very effective in high blood pressure.

Some of those juices are:

Vegetable Juices: Vegetable juices make blood more alkaline and help in removing cholesterol deposits on arteries that lead to the heart. According to researches done at William Harvey Research Institute at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Peninsula Medical School, drinking 500 ml of beet juice a day can lower blood pressure considerably. This is because the nitrate in beet juice interacts with the saliva creating nitrite that lowers blood pressure. Beet juice becomes effective within an hour in the body and the effects last up to 24 hours of ingestion.

Other vegetables are also very healthy. For instance, drinking 8 oz of carrot juice, 4 oz each of celery and spinach juice and 2 oz of parsley juice daily will keep your blood pressure in the normal range.

Lemon Juice: Lemons help controlling high blood pressure by thinning the blood and assisting in the absorption of iron. Lemons are capable of doing this due to the presence of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. Lemon juice and their peels are also rich in vitamin P, which absorbs vitamin C effectively and prevents fragility of capillaries. The best way to use it is by drinking it in water and by adding it to salads and during cooking. As it is very acidic in nature and can damage the teeth enamel, it is not recommended to drink pure lemon juice.

Red Grapefruit Juice: If you are not taking high blood pressure medicines like calcium channel blockers and statin, then it is safe for you to drink juice extracted from one or two red grapefruits daily before meal. You will be surprised to see that they work as well as any hypertension medication in controlling your blood pressure.

These are just some of the juices that you can consume daily for dealing with your blood pressure problems. However, for maximum benefits from these fruits and vegetables, it is necessary that they are organic or contain as little pesticides as possible. In this way you will ensure that no toxins enter your body.


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