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How to lower Cholesterol Naturally?

How to lower Cholesterol Naturally, The natural methods, though require some effort which is to alter the lifestyle, the outcome is worth it. Only slight changes can give a pleasant effect


How to lower Cholesterol Naturally?

High levels of cholesterol are responsible for cardiovascular diseases and strokes, which can be very easily countered by some natural means to lower the cholesterol but many people don’t understand that the natural efforts are more effective and free from any side effects but find an easy way out, which is just taking the medicinal pills prescribed by their doctor. This is absolutely wrong because after some time passes while taking medicines, the patients come to know that they are feeling not good and start thinking about how to get out of this. The reason is the side effects of the medicines.

The natural methods, though require some effort which is to alter the lifestyle, the outcome is worth it. Only slight changes can give a pleasant effect. Some natural remedies are presented here so that you can act upon these and don’t regret later in your life about not going for natural ways when you are struck with side effects.


All you need is just simple exercise like walking, jogging, cycling or swimming for at least 30 minutes daily, which should be very easy for you as this is simple to do without the need of any sophisticated exercise machines. Just try to be more active and instead of just sitting idle in your free time, have some walk or any physical activity. If you are at your workplace, just try to use stairs instead of elevators. This will also do the job.

Diet change:

Saturated fats are the biggest sources of fats in the blood, which come from meat products and processed foods. Not only this, full cream dairy products like cheese, milk and butter are also rich in saturated fats and must be replaced with low fat dairy products which are easily available nowadays. Remember diet is the most important factor in a person’s health, especially in controlling cholesterol, so pay attention to your diet immediately.

Cholesterol absorption is halted by the presence of fiber in the gut and fresh fruits and vegetables are rich sources of it, and also help in low accumulation of fats in the body, keep the bowels healthy and improve the metabolic rate. Supplying all types of vitamins and proteins is apart from these.

Stay away from fast foods if you want your health not to be harmed by fatty acids and oils in the fast foods. It has been shown through studies that Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial for the lowering of the cholesterol levels and fish like salmons, sardines and tuna are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Try to have fish serving 2 or 3 times a week.

These diet and exercise plans will, no doubt, work for you to lower your cholesterol levels and also improve your health generally. But if you are taking medicine for any other illness, then it is always better to take the advice of your doctor before deciding on any type of exercise or diet plan.



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