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How to Control Hypertension With Self Hypnosis

How to Control Hypertension With Self Hypnosis. Self Hypnosis can help in controlling high blood pressure. The subconscious mind is the controller for automatic responses

How to Control Hypertension With Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis can help in controlling high blood pressure. The subconscious mind is the controller for automatic responses that can aggravate high blood pressure. Physical problems like obesity can have great impact on how the body controls blood flow and pressure.

What are Blood Pressure Basics

To survive, We all need blood pressure. It is the driving force that keeps the body functioning properly through blood vessel circulation. The circulatory system moves blood to the vital organs like brain kidney and heart, providing nutrients and oxygen to the cells. This ensures that the cells work well and we have a healthy body.

In our circulatory system blood moves from the heart through arteries. The arteries take the blood into progressively smaller vessels, arterioles and capillaries. Nutrients and oxygen from red blood cells are delivered to organs through capillaries. Veins take the blood back to the heart and the cycle is repeated.

What are Causes of High Blood pressure

High Blood pressure begins when the vessels that carry the blood contract. The pressure increases, making it difficult for the heart to pump the blood and the vessels may suffer significant damage. The circulatory system is unable to feed the organs causing health problems.Here is where the possible cause of high blood pressure is complicated. Roughly 95% of cases have unknown causes. Many people have the condition without knowing it. It is impossible to control High Blood pressure if you are not aware that you have it. Only 5% of people know what is actual cause of blood pressure which is called as secondary blood pressure.

Yearly Physical Examination

it is important to see your physician, in order to ensure that you find possible problems with High Blood pressure. There may be a significant health problem causing the increased pressure in the vessels including a defect in the kidneys. These conditions are in roughly five percent of high blood pressure cases but it is important to rule this out at you yearly physical examination.


Using Hypnosis to Control High Blood pressure

Blood pressure can increase when you are under significant stress and anxiety. This can be controlled by using your subconscious mind to create a new way for your body to process these feelings. Self-hypnosis provides the relaxation and focus you need to control High Blood pressure. High blood pressure is an automatic response in the body but this doesn't mean that it is not controllable. Your subconscious mind has great influence over your emotions and your physical responses to emotional components in your life. The body reacts to emotions on a physical level including increased heart rate and more pressure in the vessels that carry blood.We have many functions that are normally outside of conscious control. An emotion might increase our heart rate and blood pressure, and another emotion mighty calm us down and reduce our blood pressure. One of the claimed effects of hypnosis is that we can transcend the usual limitations and take control of functions that are normally beyond any form of conscious control.

Various emotional responses to situations can increase blood pressure. Hypnosis can help you change the way you deal with these emotions. If you can make your blood pressure go up, you can make it go down, too. You can control High Blood pressure through self-hypnosis. You can use self-hypnosis at your convenience and in privacy. There is no need to make any appointments other than your initial doctor’s visit. This approach is convenient and you have the benefit of taking a proactive approach to your health.


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