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How to Avoid White Coat Syndrome

How to Avoid White Coat Syndrome, When you visit a doctors clinic, your blood pressure is increased, this is called as White coat syndrome.

How to Avoid White Coat Syndrome

 When you visit a doctors clinic, your blood pressure is increased, this is called as White coat syndrome. It is not necessary that blood pressure gets high due to checking by a doctor or a nurse, it can be raised by assuming hospital environment in your mind, even if you read this article your blood pressure can be increased if you are having white coat syndrome. But if you follow some steps, you may be able to avoid white coat syndrome.


How One Can Avoid White Coat Syndrome

1-If you are a true patient of high blood pressure, then only thing to avoid it is by taking blood pressure meds, dont assume that you have WCS and you dont need any medicine.

2-From the evening before you go to the doctor, try to avoid drinking water, so there will be less chances for BP to raise.

3-When you are going to your doctor you may listen your car music. Smile. Enjoy life. Drive slowly. Try to relax on the way to the doctor. Do not think that your blood pressure will rise when you will reach doctor. Your thinking can effect blood pressure alot so try to be relaxed.

4-Avoid Excessive physical exertion while entering clinic, and walk slowly.

5-Try to be relaxed at doctors clinic waiting room. Meditate. Smile at the world. Close your eyes. If you have somebody with you, fall asleep while you wait.

6-If you get normal blood pressure reading, your job is done, congratulate yourself and avoid high blood pressure speech. You’ve conquered White Coat Syndrome on this visit.

7-If you have this problem, better you Tell your doctor before he takes your BP. This is the most important step.

Doctors job will be to determine two conditions, either your blood pressure remains normal during the rest of the day where he will not give you meds or your blood pressure gets high during other stressfull conditions where he will prescribe you drugs. However, In most cases, the doctor will still give you hypertensive medicine anyway because if you’re stressed from doctor’s clinic visits, you’re most probably suffering hypertension during the other stressful parts of your life. If your doctor advice you meds anyway, dont worry. He’s doing you a favor in treating white coat hypertension


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