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How One Can Reduce Blood Pressure During Perimenopause

How One Can Reduce Blood Pressure During Perimenopause, Regular aerobic activity can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, in women, which may increase in perimenopause

How One Can Reduce Blood Pressure During Perimenopause

 A woman, in her 40s or even 30s, goes through a phase, known as perimenopause, which lasts for two to eight years. Perimenopause is the commencement of the phase of, which leads the women to menopause, i.e., when fertilization of gametes stops and she cannot have a child anymore. During this condition, estrogen and progesterone concentrations in the blood can cause the women to have irregular periods, swing in the mood and hot flashes. Not only this, it causes hypertension in the women. Doctors propose some ways to such women, so that they can keep their blood pressure restrained.

Reduce Blood Pressure During Perimenopause

Usually, what they do is to investigate all the side effects of the medication, the affected woman are prescribed, previously. Consult your doctor about any substitute medication, if the current drugs, you are taking, are likely to be the cause of high blood pressure. Drugs for hormone replacement therapy are one of them.

Regular aerobic activity can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, in women, which may increase in perimenopause. High activity is not necessary, as only abrupt marches are more than sufficient. This is the best way to control the high blood pressure, during menopause, and may eliminate the need for taking hypertension drugs.

Elude foods that are high in cholesterol and fats, especially the saturated fats, sweets and sugary infusions, as well as nicotine and caffeine. Implement healthy diet, such as low-fat foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, to lower the already rising blood pressure. Too much salt intake is discouraged, as it provides sodium, which is known to increase the blood pressure. Blood pressure can be significantly reduced, by lowering sodium intake to less than 1,500 mg per day. The soreness, which causes the blood pressure to escalate, can be favorably reduced, by taking two or more cups of green or oolong tea. Lose your weight, as obesity is the cause of high blood pressure, diabetes and many other diseases.

But, after taking regular exercise, healthy diet, reducing sodium intake significantly, if you are still facing the problem of being hypertensive, contact your physician and let him know everything about your health and the daily routine of yours and tell him the diet you take. He will prescribe you the anti-hypertension medication, which is the best possible solution in these conditions.


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