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Dr.Armughan Riaz
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High blood pressure symptoms-the most common symptoms to Look for

High blood pressure symptoms-the most common symptoms to Look for, is often termed as ‘the silent killer’ because there are no prior symptoms to it

The common symptoms to watch out for

High blood pressure is often termed as ‘the silent killer’ because there are no prior symptoms to it and usually it is detected only when the patient visits doctor for any other health problem. Usually people come to know that they are suffering from hypertension when the disease is well-developed and reaches its peak and damaging consequences start resulting.

With increase in age, the blood pressure steadily increases over the years and becomes very high at some point but the person still feels normal because the rise is so gradual that it does not show any symptom of it. The symptom can be felt or seen if the change is very rapid, like diastolic pressure being 75 mm of Hg on one day and 100 mm of Hg on the very next day, which not usually the case. The doctors usually check the BP every time patients visit them and only then any detection of the disease can be done.

But there are some symptoms which occur so frequently, that they are enough for the hypertension to be detected.


Ringing sound in the ears


Sudden nosebleeds

Blurred vision –

People feeling such symptoms must visit the doctor immediately and carelessness in this case can prove to be a big price to be paid by their health in long term, because it has damaging consequences when the disease develops with age. These factors show that the person is a type A hypertensive person. Stress, poor nutrition, lack of fitness, heredity, and overload of insulin, excess salt resulting to sodium-potassium imbalance, dietary fat surplus, and alcohol are the factors that contribute and lead towards this disease.

People must have regular medical checkups for the hypertension and especially those whose family members are suffering from the disease. This can allow the medical people to deal with the situation more effectively due to early diagnosis. If left untreated, hypertension can cause heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or even death. Eating healthy foods, taking regular exercise, avoiding stress build-up on mind can be helpful in making the health good because hypertension can be minimized through these measures.


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