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High Blood Pressure Symptoms in Men

High Blood Pressure Symptoms in Men, . One needs to observe very carefully because the signs are common for several other conditions as well. Some of these symptoms are.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms in Men

High blood pressure or hypertension is called the ‘silent killer’ because it comes without any warning. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is possible that you may not have any symptoms to warn you about its onset. If you are lucky you may be able to diagnose it before it does irreparable damage to your body. There are some people who do experience few indications of high blood pressure but those symptoms are not easy to detect. One needs to observe very carefully because the signs are common for several other conditions as well.


Some of these symptoms are:

Headaches: There are some people who have headaches if their blood pressure is too high. They should get it checked as high blood pressure in combination with headache can be dangerous.

Dizziness: Dizziness is a common sign of high blood pressure in men, especially those whose blood pressure fluctuates rapidly with in a short time period. This is usually caused due to different types of blood pressure medications that the patient might be experimenting with.

Light Headedness: Feeling lightheaded is a symptom which men experience when their blood pressure is either too high or too low. It usually happens when a person first stands up after a long time of sitting. There is a difference between lightheadedness and dizziness. In lightheadedness, a person feels as if he is shaky on his feet but in dizziness he feels as if the whole room is spinning. A person experiences this symptom because high blood pressure affects the body’s neurological and limbic systems which are responsible for its balance and coordination.

Nausea and Vomiting: If you feel nauseous for unexplained reasons, then you most probably have an elevated blood pressure. In order to avoid a wrong diagnosis, it is better to first check your blood pressure with a device.

Fatigue and Confusion: When blood pressure is high, some people also feel very tired even though there is no reason to feel so. In such a case, check you blood pressure as the lethargy may be caused due to it. Also, some people experience confusion in high blood pressure.

Vision problems: A very high blood pressure can damage the tiny blood vessels in the retina. This is why people who have very high blood pressure experience vision problems.

Andropause: Andropause or male menopause is caused due to changes in male hormones. Men suffering from Andropause will also suffer from high blood pressure.

Fits: Fits usually occur in epilepsy. However, there are some people who can have a fit when their blood pressure is too high. The doctor will check the blood pressure of a patient who has a fit usually because he wants to rule out the possibility whether the attack was due to high blood pressure or not.

If you do experience any of these symptoms,

do not jump to any conclusions. It is better to get all possibilities checked by the doctor and receive the correct treatment.


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