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Healthy lifestyle changes to help lower your high blood pressure

Healthy lifestyle changes to help lower your high blood pressure, healthy lifestyle changes can cause significant improvement in the health condition of the person


Healthy lifestyle changes to help lower your high blood pressure

It is very important to follow the advice of the doctor who prescribes medicines to the patients, including the one being diagnosed with hypertension. If a person has the systolic pressure of 140 mm of Hg and diastolic pressure of 90 mm of Hg, then the person is said to be hypertensive. Though it is not possible to completely stop the use of medicines but it is also not necessary that medication is the only way out. This is because the healthy lifestyle changes can cause significant improvement in the health condition of the person.

Serious health complications, including hypertension can be the consequence of being overweight and abdominal fat is the matter of concern and must be overcome. Height, age and medical history of the person decide what must be the recommended weight of the person and doctor advises the patient to achieve that target to make the medicines more effective. Losing weight must be your first priority if you want to reduce your high blood pressure, and only a few pounds weight reduction will be very effective for the health.

Eating healthy diet and taking regular exercise can avoid hypertension in those people who have slightly elevated blood pressure in normal conditions as well. Regular exercise program must be started by everyone, especially those with slightly higher blood pressure, for at least 30 to 60 minutes per day, which can reduce the blood pressure for up to 9 mm of Hg. Cycling or brisk walking will also be very effective for a lesser duration as well.

Dash Diet - Keep the record of your dietary habits by recording all the details of the food you eat, the amount you took, the time when you ate and the reason to eat. This will help you to make the vital changes in the diet according to the requirement but generally speaking, consume fresh vegetables and fruits for heavy cheese burgers and pizzas, and prefer whole grains, nuts and berries for French fries.

Increase the intake of potassium and decrease the intake of sodium in your diet. Snack meals such as potato chips, processed foods are usually high in sodium. Bacon and lunch meats must also be avoided to cut on the intake of sodium. Caffeine and high amount of alcohol can also raise the blood pressure but lesser amounts of alcohol can help in reducing the blood pressure. Potassium intake must be raised by taking in more fresh vegetables and fruits instead of supplements and medicines, which makes the sodium very less effective in raising the blood pressure. Seek the doctor’s advice to know the amount of potassium you need and how can it be achieved.


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angelinamanger from Rosewell
Regular exercise keeps our metabolism under control. Due to busy schedule peoples ignoring physical exercise and this rises the chances of high BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes, etc. Fast food is also one of the reasons of inviting these diseases.
Care for Health
Posted at 12:52:am 06/27/12
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