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Eye symptoms of high blood pressure

Eye symptoms of high blood pressure.High blood pressure can eventually cause blood arteries in the eye to burst or bleed. Vision and EyeSight may become blurred or otherwise impaired and can result in blindness.

Eye symptoms of high blood pressure

High blood pressure ( Hypertension ) can eventually cause blood arteries in the eye to burst or bleed. Vision ( Eye Sight ] may become blurred or otherwise impaired and can result in blindness.In addition to causing heart and kidney disterbances, untreated hypertension can also affect your eyesight. High Blood Pressure can cause damage to the blood arteries in the retina, the area at the back of the eye where images focus. This condition is known as hypertensive retinopathy. The damage can be serious if high blood pressure is not treated

Blood in the eye may be caused by a broken blood artery in the thin, transparent tissue that covers the outer surface of the eye. This is called the conjunctiva, and it is nourished by tiny blood arteries that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. When one of these blood arteries breaks, it bleeds into the eye and is called subconjunctival hemorrhage. This kind of bleeding can be caused by heavy lifting, vomiting, coughing. Subconjunctival hemorrhage is more common in people with high blood pressure ( Hypertension ) diabetes, but neither condition causes it.

While having blood in your eye may look scaring, this type of bleeding is essentially harmless. The blood becomes trapped underneath the conjunctiva, much like a bruise, and is visible because the conjunctiva is clear. The blood naturally absorbs within one to three weeks and generally does not require treatment.


Some Common Eye symptoms of high blood pressure

Symptoms include:
Vision ( Eye Sight ] disterbances

How Is Hypertensive Retinopathy Diagnosed?
An eye care doctor can diagnose hypertensive retinopathy. The ophthalmologist will use an ophthalmoscope, an instrument that projects light, to examine the back of your eyeball.

What are common Signs of retinopathy include:
Narrowing of blood arteries 
Fluid oozing from the blood arteries 
Spots on the retina known as cotton wool spots and hard exudates 
Swelling of the macula and optic nerve 
Bleeding in the back of the eye 
Doctor can also use a test called fluorescein angiography to diagnose retinopathy. With this method, a dye is injected into your vein. When the dye reaches your eye, the doctor takes photographs of the retina to evaluate the circulation to determine if there is any blockage or leakage.

How Is Hypertensive Retinopathy Treated?
The only way to treat hypertensive retinopathy is to have your doctor diagnose and treat the high blood pressure.

Can Hypertensive Retinopathy Be Prevented?
To prevent hypertensive retinopathy, keep your high blood pressure in control by changing your diet, exercising more, and taking your high blood pressure ( Hypertension ) drugs regularly. In addition, have regular follow ups to your consultant doctor.


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