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Eclampsia Symptoms Causes Prevention Treatment

Eclampsia Symptoms Causes Prevention Treatment, Eclampsia is an acute condition i.e. also a grave complication of pregnancy. 

Eclampsia Symptoms Causes Prevention Treatment

Eclampsia is an acute condition i.e. also a grave complication of pregnancy. It is basically a problem pertaining to high blood pressure and is recognized with the appearance of coma as well as tonic-clonic seizures.

Eclampsia Symptoms Causes Prevention Cure

Main cause of Eclampsia
Though doctors have still not found out the main cause of Eclampsia, the probable reason leading to this complication can be one of the following:

* Trouble with the cells that form lining of many blood vessels
* Buildup of capillaries or muscles inside the placenta
* Malfunction of enough proteins that are required for growth of new blood vessels within the placenta
* Augmented sensitivity of immune system

Symptoms of Eclampsia

* Induced hypertension as well as proteinuria
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Headaches
* Cortical blindness
* Abdominal pain
* Liver failure
* Signs of the HELLP syndrome
* Pulmonary edema and oliguria
* Placental bleeding or placental abruption

Stages of Eclampsia

* Women who get prone to Eclampsia miss out the stage where their hands as well as face contracts a little bit. Besides, their eyes might turn over.
* In the second stage, the teeth will clasp up. Also, the legs become rigid. Mothers-to-be can even face a predictable breath loss of about 30 seconds.
* At the third stage, things get more severe. The muscles get wrenched and expecting mothers may experience frothy or bloody saliva. This can even lead to coma else heart failure.
* The final stage of Eclamspia is very serious. In this stage, women get unconscious for several hours. Many women die before reaching the last stage.

Examination of Eclampsia
Women who experience any of the above mentioned symptoms should immediately pay a visit to the physician. Properly review the symptoms and keep a check on your urine, blood pressure as well as weight. Blood test and urine test are the basics tests performed to diagnose Eclampsia. Besides, fetal monitor is also used to check the well-being as well as growth of the baby. Also, biophysical profile (ultrasound), Non-stress testing, as well as an ultrasound can be done to check the health of the baby.

Treatment of Eclampsia

To minimize the life threat to both- the mother as well as the baby, it becomes requisite to treat Eclampsia. The only cure for Eclampsia is delivery. Delivery in such situation should be done as soon as possible. Though, Eclampsia can occur even after delivery. So, to lessen the chances of this complication to happen, Magnesium sulfate is given intravenously. Apart from Magnesium Sulfate, medications like prostaglandins or oxytocin can be used. These drugs induce labor and then ripen the cervix.

Expecting women should take all the precautionary measures to avoid Eclampsia. If they see any of the above mentioned symptoms during pregnancy, they should consult a doctor at the initial stage only.


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