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Diagnosis and Investigations of High Blood Pressure Hypertension

Here is complete list of investigations to diagnose hypertension and cuase of high blood pressure


Diagnosis and Investigations of High Blood Pressure Hypertension

 Routine Investigations of Hypertensive Patient should always include.

    Chest X-Ray
    Fasting Blood Lipids
    Urea Creatinine and Electrolytes

If the urea or the creatinine levels are abnormal, creatinine clearance, Intravenous excretion Urography, Renal Ultra sound,and other tests of renal functions are necessary.

If Co-arctation of Aorta is suspected, digital vascular imaging with intravenous contrast injection or MRI will usually demonstrate the lesion.

If the patient is not taking diuretics, low serum Potassium should suggest an endocrine problem. and aldosterone , cortisol,and renin measurements should be performed. A history suggestive of Pheochromocytoma can be investigated with measurement of serum catecholamines or urine catecholamines metabolites.

What will you see in Xray of a hypertensive Patients.
Large Heart, Pulmonary congestion if heart failure has developed. Rib notching in co-arctation of Aorta.

What will you see in ECG of high blood pressure patient?
The ECG may show left ventricular hypertrophy, strain pattern in lateral chest leads, or signs of ischaemia.


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