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Cola Coke Pepsi May Increase Blood Pressure

Cola Coke Pepsi May Increase Blood Pressure, Ladies who drink lots of coffee can relax. But those that drink a lot of coke may have an issue: high blood pressure.

Cola Coke Pepsi May Increase Blood Pressure

Ladies who drink lots of coffee can relax. But those that drink a lot of coke may have an issue: high blood pressure.

High blood pressure isn't good. It's connected to heart disease and stroke. There's been a whole lot of fear that daily coffee drinkers may be at increased risk of excessive blood pressure. But that is not the case.

Studies showed that Girls who drank only one caffeinated pepsi daily had a barely larger danger of excessive blood pressure. And that threat went up as women drank more every day colas, says researcher Wolfgang C. Winkelmayer, MD, ScD, of Brigham and Women Hospital and Harvard College in Boston.


Association between drinking of cola drinks and increased danger of hypertension

"We did find an association between drinking of cola drinks, no matter whether regular or diet, and increased danger of hypertension," Winkelmayer said. "No earlier studies instructed such an association. But the conclusion was consistent, equally for younger and older females. We were very amazed."

Colas in the research included Coke, Pepsi, and other dark-colored sodas.
Winkelmayer and colleagues describe their findings in the Nov. 9 publish of The Journal of the American Medical Association.The study reveals a strong connection between high blood pressure and caffeinated coke consumption. But it does not show cola drinks cause high blood pressure.

Even so, cola drinking remained a risk factor even when the researchers compared solely women matched for age, weight, alcohol use, previous problem with hypertension, use of birth control pills, physical activity, smoking, and use of different classes of drinks.

There are substances in coke drinks -- corn syrup in sugared colas and caramel coloring in each sugared and diet colas -- that may cause high blood pressure. That is far from confirmed, Winkelmayer hastens to point out.

"Obviously, at this level, we should be very careful and require further study to verify this finding he says. "If coke drinking is, in fact, a reason for hypertension, it will be vital to determine the organic mechanism that makes this happen. We need to understand what it's that generates this link. This agent needs to be discovered."

Even so, the link between coke and hypertension worries Richard Milani, MD, head of preventive cardiology at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans. The surprising and quite alarming result of this survey is this very strong and increasing danger of hypertension as ladies drink more and more pepsi. That could be very,  concerning, because of  even larger amount of coke drinking in U.S. children.


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