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Dr.Armughan Riaz
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Cardiology Advised Home Remedies for Hypertension

Cardiology Advised Home Remedies for Hypertension, There are many natural or homemade remedies available to keep blood pressure under control. Some of these natural products are

Cardiology Advised Home Remedies for Hypertension


One of the diseases of the modern century is hypertension or high blood pressure. Unlike other conditions, people are afflicted by it without experiencing any prior symptoms or signs. The simplest way to find out if you have this problem is to check your blood pressure regularly with a blood pressure monitor, which shows accurate results. If you do observe levels higher than normal then there is no need to panic as hypertension can be controlled quite easily with medicines and by making a few simple changes in diet and daily routine.

There are many natural or homemade remedies available to keep blood pressure under control.

Some of these natural products are given below:

  • Cucumbers: Cucumbers acts in various ways to brig down an increased blood pressure. It helps in flushing out the excess salt and increases the elasticity of the blood vessels. Its richness in calcium, potassium and phosphorous plays a vital role in controlling blood pressure.
  • Garlic: Garlic is very beneficial for health. It not only controls high blood pressure but also acts as an antioxidant. It has the ability to reduce clotting in the blood, hence leading to a reduction in the pressure.
  • White meat and fish: Rather than eating red meat, white meat should be taken because they are low in fat comparatively. Also, fish meat is filled with Omega 3 which has many benefits including reducing blood pressure.
  • Saffron: Saffron is an ancient spice that has retained its reputation of being regal and exotic by being as expensive now as it was in old times. This unique spice contains a chemical called crocetin that helps in reducing blood pressure. However, saffron should be used in very small quantities as high amounts can cause unconsciousness.

These are just some of the natural ways by which hypertension patients can control their disease. However, these alone are not enough. They must consult a doctor who would most probably advise them to take medication along with exercise and some dietary changes. Patients are also warned to reduce their salt and alcohol intake and to avoid dairy products.


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